Sears Chronology
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Sears faces a financial crisis, but Julius Rosenwald stakes his personal fortune to save the company.

Sears Roebuck Agricultural Foundation (a charitable organization) chartered.

Sears Agricultural Foundation begins operating radio station "WLS" ("World's Largest Store") in Chicago.

Julius Rosenwald is named chairman.

General Robert E. Wood joins Sears.  He will serve the company in executive-level positions, including terms as president and chairman, until his death in 1969.


Sears opens its first retail stores.

The Allstate brand (car tires) is born after a nationwide naming contestómore than 100,000 entries are submitted.

"Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back" slogan first appears in Sears catalogs.

Sears launches the Kenmore and Craftsman brands.

Stock market crashes, plunging America into the Great Depression.  Sears suffers, yet initially maintains aggressive expansion program.
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