Sears Chronology
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Having made a small fortune, Richard Sears retires from business for a second time, but stays in retirement for only one week before he approaches Alvah Roebuck about reestablishing their business partnership.
Sears and Roebuck, who re-teamed in 1891, form A.C. Roebuck Inc.

A.C. Roebuck, Inc. changes its name to Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Sewing machines, bicycles, sporting goods and a host of other new items expand the catalog to a whopping 322 pages.

Dolls, icebox refrigerators, cookstoves and groceries debut in the catalog.

Roebuck leaves the company.  Julius Rosenwald becomes a financial partner.


Catalog adds washing machines, cream separators and the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Spring and fall catalogs debut, featuring the slogan "Cheapest Supply House on Earth."

Roller skates first appear in catalogs.
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