Sears Chronology
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Kenmore adds the auto-timer feature to washing machines, which automatically shuts off the machine at a pre-set time.

Sales of many Kenmore brand items cease at the start of World War II. Only customers with demonstrated needs can buy items made with rationed materials.

Kenmore gas and electric ranges are reintroduced after production stopped during World War II. Features include a pre-heat switch, Ken-timer and Visi-bake glass window oven door.

Sears simplifies its appliance brands and uses Kenmore and Coldspot on all appliances.

Kenmore’s advertising slogan is: “Kenmore, the right way to say electric.”

For $239.95, Sears offers its first automatic, agitator-type Kenmore washer, which features one-speed, one water level, one cycle and three water temperatures. More than 20,000 washers are sold.

Sears introduces the first Kenmore automatic electric clothes dryer, selling for $164.95.
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