Sears Chronology
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The staff of outgoing President Carter gives him a complete Craftsman woodworking set as his farewell gift. Carter says, "If I had to choose one place to get a complete workshop, I'd get it from Sears because they stand behind what they sell."

Craftsman electronic portable and bench power tools are the first such tools in the industry.

Sears donates Craftsman tools to the designer of the U.S. Olympic bobsled, the first U.S. bobsled entry since 1936.

A line of "Sears Best" Craftsman mechanics hand tools debuts. Features include easy-to-read black collar sizes on socket wrenches, the industry's first stainless steel ratchet handles, and take-apart heads on ratchets for easy cleaning.

U.S. Army infantry officer Kenneth Carrick collects a piece of history when he uses a Craftsman hammer and two Craftsman screwdrivers to chip off portions of the Berlin Wall. Carrick says that despite the pounding the tools are "still in excellent shape."
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