Sears Chronology
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Nationwide, viewers of the Western Kentucky vs. Kansas college basketball game witness Sears' live-television commercial debut of the Craftsman Eager-1 lawn mower. With the promise of starting on the first try, every try, the Eager-1 sputtered and failed in its first attempt. Over the coming weeks, however, in live television commercials, the Eager-1 compiled a 33-2 record in first-try starts.
Western Forge ships its 100 millionth Craftsman screwdriver and commemorates the occasion by presenting Sears with an 8-foot screwdriver for "people who think big."
Gerald Swope, of Amarillo, Texas, returns his Craftsman ratchet wrenches after 50 years of use. The wrenches were replaced free of charge under Craftsman's unconditional warranty.
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